It’s time to take your business to the next level with affordable environment automation solutions, and digital content services.

Build an intelligent environment by connecting and configuring your Senses devices. Senses Management Software gives you essential device management tools, plus professional audio editing solutions.

With this software you can easily customize the connected devices, check your network’s status, review the logs, set up rules, and set programs in advance.

You can also manage your in-store audio or video content, even when you’re off-site, thanks to the software’s easy-to-use web-based platform.

You can even set up timed commercial spots or pre-recorded voice announcements.

With M3U support you have the opportunity to swap from shuffle mode to playlist mode, or you can customize a scheduled program for every day of the week, or even just daytime only − whatever works for you!

Senses Management Software is a cloud-based service, so you can upload your content to the cloud and it’s automatically distributed to your player network. And, better yet, this is totally free.

About the Product


• Device monitoring
• Device group management
• Remote firmware, configuration and content update platform
• Content management functions
• Audio program editing
• Spot campaign management
• Connection set-up management
• M3U support
• Scheduled stream swap
• Multiple audio spot in one block
• Triggered instant spots/announcements


Expand your Senses to create the perfect smart ecosystem and beautifully intelligent interior for your business or home


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