Hive for Home

Senses Hive for Home is the ultimate home control hub. It controls all of your Senses devices with Bluetooth LE connection via the mobile app.


Hive for Professionals

Senses Hive for Professionals is the ultimate control hub. It controls all your Senses devices with Bluetooth LE connection via, the mobile app and Wi-Fi.


Environment Sensor

Senses Environment Sensor helps give you better health, comfort and safety with temperature and humidity control, and smoke and fire detection.


Sensor Holder

Senses Sensor Holder is a practical magnetic solution that your Senses Environment Sensor can stick onto. Plus, you’re free to choose the perfect design.


Smart Button

Senses Smart Button gives you universal control of your home, so you can configure a sequence that matches your daily routine, for your comfort.


LED Dimmer

Senses LED Dimmer allows you to control the brightness and color of lights with Bluetooth LE connection, the mobile app or Senses Remote Control.


Remote Control

With Senses Remote Control, you can adjust your LED lights and strips with the function buttons or the preset options via Bluetooth LE connection.


Remote Holder

Never lose control! Put this magnetic holder anywhere on the wall, and keep your Remote Control safely within arms reach.


Alarm & Light

Senses Alarm & Light gives you a programmable light or sound signal in events like a temperature drop, flood, or motion.


Flood Sensor

Senses Flood Sensor detects water leaks early to help you prevent large-scale damage, reducing leaks to a small problem.


Smart Plug

As a part of your Senses smart ecosystem, Senses Smart Plug is designed to make your home smarter. Save energy and money, and get convenient control!


Smart Switch

As part of your Senses smart ecosystem, Senses Smart Switch is designed to make your home smarter. Use less energy, save money and enjoy more control!


User Case Study − Care in the Air

Children can easily catch coughs and colds, but now you can simply set the right humidity levels in your child’s bedroom via the Senses mobile app. At night, Senses Environment Sensor can detect if the air is too dry. If it is, your humidifier will automatically start, thanks to the Senses Smart Plug. When the air returns to the appropriate level, the humidifier will automatically stop. In the morning, the app will let you know what happened overnight, and hopefully your child will get well sooner.

User Case Study – Holiday Mode

Before going on holidays, you have to turn off so many appliances and lights. Senses Smart Button is a convenient device that helps you do this quickly and easily. Once you set your home to “holiday mode,” the Senses Hive Unit will inform your Senses Smart Plug devices to switch off. Of course, the Senses Flood Sensor and Senses Environment Sensor will remain active to patrol your home. At night,Senses Alarm & Light will turn on, so some lights will switch on to deter any would-be intruders. Then, when you return home, you can simply set all your devices back to normal with the touch of a button.

User Case Study – Ready for Romance

Lighting is so important when it comes to setting the mood. Dimmed lights can really help create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. With Senses Remote Control, you can control all of the LED lights in your apartment. Cook something delicious in the kitchen with maximum bright, dual, white lights, but have elegant dimmed red lights in the living room. Then simply place the remote control in the Senses Remote Holder, open a bottle of good wine, and enjoy the evening.

User Case Study – Sleep Well, Wake Well

You might not know it yet, but you are one small step away from a good night’s sleep and a refreshed morning. All you need to do is push the “night mode” button on the Senses Smart Button, and your bedside reading lamp (which is connected to the Senses Smart Switch) will turn off. Of course,Senses Alarm & Light will continue to provide you with a modest beacon light throughout the night. In the morning, Senses Alarm & Light will slowly start to brighten. At 6.30 am its built-in speaker will play a gentle alarm sound. Once you’re up, you can switch off “night mode.” This simple and convenient sequence will give you the perfect settings for a good night’s sleep and a peaceful awakening, so you’ll feel rested and ready to enjoy the day.

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