Did I turn off all the lights? Did I accidentally leave the heater on? Did I forget to switch the humidifier off in the children’s room?

There are so many things to check before leaving home for a two-week vacation, and yet sometimes we’re still left with those niggling questions and worry about whether the house will accidentally burn down, and how high the energy bill will be. Life would be so much easier if we could control a complete sequence of actions by pushing a single button, whether we’re leaving the house for a few weeks or just popping out for two hours.

Reduce parts of your daily routine to a single click, and let your smart home system take care of the rest.

With Senses Smart Button, you get complete control of your home. This easy-to- use, portable and wireless device contains four different programmable buttons, which you can configure to execute a sequence of actions at a set time. For example, one sequence could be to turn off all the devices in your home, so you can leave your home without a worry.

The device can be customized via your Senses Hive for Home with Bluetooth LE connection and via the mobile app. To set more than four sequences, simply twist the upper part of the device, and you will have another four empty set available to configure. In total, there are 16 different sequences you can program.

Senses Smart Button can be charged via a micro USB port.

About the Design

Technical Information

• Wireless communication
• Bluetooth Low Energy connection
• Portable
• Up to 16 programmable sequences
• Rechargeable battery via micro USB
• Smart notifications
• Works with Android and iOS devices
• A wide range of functions to choose from


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