What if you could turn on special lights that help create a relaxing mood when you get home?

Or gently turn up the brightness of the lights, so you wake up naturally in the morning? Or if you could even set beautiful ambient lights at the color temperature you love the most. And, what if you could do all this with a handy remote control?

There is no easier and more elegant way to control your smart lighting system than with Senses Remote Control.

It is always at hand, and thanks to its smooth design, it has a high-quality look and feel. With the optional wall-mounted Senses Remote Holder, you can even attach the remote control via a magnet to the wall. With six different functions, you can switch between preset lighting programs, while other options are also available at the touch of an adjustable button, so you can set an alarm, the maximum brightness, or set colors to change.

Senses Remote Control is the most convenient way to access the key functions of your smart lighting system.

You can choose from a variety of lighting atmospheres without having to learn how to use a complex device and without having to install another mobile app.

About the Design

Technical Information

• Wireless communication
• Bluetooth Low Energy connection
• Unique design (with stand-up position)
• CR2032 battery
• Optional wall mount magnetic Senses Remote Holder
• A wide range of functions to choose from


Expand your Senses to create the perfect smart ecosystem and beautifully intelligent interior for your business or home


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