Colors in your environment affect your mood and personality.

Have you ever noticed how your emotions can change when you go into a light blue room or into a dark red room? While painting the walls at home is quite a permanent change, lighting can be much more flexible than you might think.

What if you could set up different lights for daytime and another kind for the evening with a single tap of your mobile?

Or if you could calibrate ambient lighting while you watch movies? What if you could set your light preferences in just one room or in your entire home in an instant? Perhaps you could even program a long LED strip that activates as a beacon light when you walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Now, with Senses LED Dimmer, you have the ability to adjust the color, gradient, temperature and brightness of your lights.

But that’s not all. Your mobile can perceive Senses LED Dimmer, so, for example, your countertops will light up only when you get closer to them. With this optional function, Senses Hive for Home can calculate the approximate distance between your mobile and the dimmer, based on the signal strength. This feature, combined with your own personalized light settings, results in dynamically changing ambient lighting depending on who’s in a specific area.

You can easily program or control your lighting via Senses Hive for Home with Bluetooth LE connection, the mobile app or with Senses Remote Control.

Thanks to its beautiful design, you won’t even want to hide the device.
With its powerful 300W amperage, this device can handle a long LED strip of up to four channels with 12V and 24V voltage. Senses LED Dimmer is designed to control your W, RGB and RGBW strips in order to create countless color options. Plus, aside from mood customization, adjusting the lighting can also provide serious cost-savings as well.

About the Design

Technical Information

• Wireless communication
• Bluetooth Low Energy connection
• Brightness control
• Light control
• Color control
• Various types of LED stripes (W, RGB, RGBW)
• Easy to install
• Power supply: 110-240V AC
• Durable, designed for 24/7 operation
• Low energy consumption
• 300W amperage
• For 12V and 24V transformer
• Works with Android and iOS devices
• A wide range of functions to choose from


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