Smart sensors provide information about your home environment.

Smart sensors can detect smoke or leaks, and can control the lights. Other smart devices like Senses Smart Plug or Smart Switch help make any of your normal electrical appliances a part of your smart home ecosystem. The devices that become part of your intelligent home environment can be easily controlled and customized. Simply set the functions you need the most and control your home via the Senses Hive for Home with Bluetooth LE connection via the mobile app.

Controlling your smart home via the mobile app is just as easy as it sounds!

Pair the unit with your mobile via Bluetooth LE connection by pushing a single button. Then turn devices on and off, and set programs to run automatically either at set times, or in response to specific events.

In fact, controlling your smart home via the mobile app is just as easy as it sounds!

Its LED indicator status lights signal that the unit is in operation. You can also upgrade the firmware via the USB port.

Maximum security is a top priority at Senses.

The latest research into digital vulnerability reveals that homes are usually attacked, not over the internet router, but via smart devices like plugs, sensors and detectors. Senses Hive for Home has Bluetooth LE connection only, so control of it stays inside your home, and your activity can’t be monitored or logged from outside a certain distance.

About the Design

Technical Information

• Network: RJ45 (Ethernet)
• Wireless communication
• 1 x USB
• 12V DC power connector
• Light indicators
• Bluetooth Low Energy connection
• Unique design
• Durable, designed for 24/7 operation
• Low energy consumption
• Works with Android and iOS devices
• Compatible with all Senses Devices
• Web-based control of remote devices and content management
• USB connectivity for device configuration and maintenance


Expand your Senses to create the perfect smart ecosystem and beautifully intelligent interior for your business or home


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