At home, smart sensors can provide you with information about your environment such as the air quality and temperature.

To measure the temperature in your living room during the day, and then get reports on air quality and moisture levels in the children’s room at night, you can now simply move your Senses Environment Sensor to the right spot, and enjoy safety and comfort. Thanks to its smoke sensor, you can also protect your valuables and loved ones from danger because it alerts you to flaming or smoldering fire.

You can put this smooth, well-designed sensor wherever you want it.

Or, with a simple, practical magnetic solution, you can attach it to the wall-mounted Senses Sensor Holder with just a single click. Once you’ve positioned it in the desired location, customize it via Senses Hive for Home with Bluetooth LE connection or via the mobile app, setting the functions you need the most.

Senses Environment Sensor also saves energy and reduces costs.

With its automated programs, it optimizes the temperature based on your preferred daytime and night-time settings. You can also program a holiday mode, so that you don’t waste energy when you’re away.

About the Design

Technical Information

• Wireless communication
• Temperature sensor
• Humidity sensor
• Smoke sensor
• Bluetooth Low Energy connection
• AAA batteries
• Small size
• Ergonomic design
• Durable, designed for 24/7 operation
• Low energy consumption
• Light indicator with beacon function
• Smart notifications
• Works with Android and iOS devices
• A wide range of functions to choose from
• Compatible with Senses Sensor Holder


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