Various events can happen at home that you may want to know about.

Who entered the front door? Is the washing machine leaking? Did I forget to close the garage door?

Senses Alarm & Light is not a basic alarm gadget, it’s a lot more.

This wireless device is a handy partner if you need a beacon light the minute you wake up or a timed light when everyone goes to bed, no matter how late it is. You can program it to give you a sound signal when guests arrive, or when your children go out to play in the garden.

All you need to do is plug it into a standard socket and customize it via  Senses Hive for Home with Bluetooth LE connection or the mobile app, so you can set the functions you need the most.

You can also set up additional plugs in different spots, and use different LED colors for each device.

Its powerful built-in speaker allows you to play a prerecorded voice, your favorite music, or even a loud alarm sound.

About the Design

Technical Information

• Wireless communication
• Bluetooth Low Energy connection
• Various socket types (Type E, Type F…)
• Small size
• Power supply: 110-240V AC
• No battery or charging needed
• Durable, designed for 24/7 operation
• Low energy consumption
• Variety of adjustable RGB LED colors
• Powerful ?W built-in speaker
• Smart notifications
• Works with Android and iOS devices
• A wide range of functions to choose from


Expand your Senses to create the perfect smart ecosystem and beautifully intelligent interior for your business or home


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