Hive for Professionals

Senses Hive for Professionals is the ultimate control hub. It controls all your Senses devices with Bluetooth LE connection via the mobile app and Wi-Fi.


Hive for Professional Signage

Senses Hive for Professional Signage is your ultimate video and audio player, and control hub for your Senses devices via Bluetooth LE or Wi-Fi.


Environment Sensor

Senses Environment Sensor wirelessly monitors air temperature and humidity, and detects smoke and flames. It’s the perfect protection for your business.


Sensor Holder

Senses Sensor Holder is a practical solution that helps attach Senses Environment Sensor, via a magnet, to hard-to- reach spots like ceilings and walls.


Smart Button

With the single click of a button, Senses Smart Button helps you conveniently configure a sequence that matches your daily routine, for your comfort.


LED Dimmer

Whether it’s night or day, or you want to hide or highlight, Senses LED Dimmer lets you set your lights as you want them via different control methods.


Remote Control

With Senses Remote Control you can adjust your LED lights and strips with function buttons and different sets via Bluetooth LE.


Remote Holder

Never lose control! Put this magnetic holder anywhere on the wall, and keep your Remote Control safely in arms reach.


Alarm & Light

Senses Alarm & Light provides visual feedback and alerts with its full RGB LED light. Its powerful built-in speaker can play either a pre-recorded voice or a loud alarm. It’s the perfect assistant!


Flood Sensor

Senses Flood Sensor offers 24/7 monitoring of all kinds of water leaks from the smallest drip to a devastating flood, and alerts you wherever you are.


Smart Plug

Senses Smart Plug helps make any of your plug-in devices part of your smart Senses ecosystem. Save more energy and money, and enjoy convenient control!


Smart Switch

Senses Smart Switch makes any of your wired devices part of your smart Senses ecosystem. Use less energy, save money, and enjoy convenient control!


User Case Study – Morning Opening

As an owner, you arrive first in the morning to open your store. You launch the ‘Store Open’ set from the mobile app. All the Senses LED Dimmers turn on, and your Senses Hive Unit turns Senses Environment Sensor on ‘Open’ mode. That way, when the air quality drops, the air filter (which is connected to the Senses Smart Plug) will automatically start. Your demo wall will power on thanks to Senses Smart Switch. Your in-store audio and video content will play via Senses Hive Unit. Your ‘Open’ sign will light up at the front door, and you are ready to start a brand new day.

User Case Study – Futuristic Shoe Store

What if you had a fancy, modern and innovative Smart Mirror in the sales area instead of your regular wall mirrors and digital displays? With touch-sensitive Smart Mirrors, your customers can get information about the shoes they’re looking at, like the various colors the design comes in and what sizes are currently available. Your customer can select shoe style they love and, thanks to the Senses LED Dimmer, the LED lights on the shelves will light up the shoes. With its eye-catching appearance, the small Senses Attrap Mirror on the shelves will provide customers with even more information about the product.

User Case Study – Futuristic Fashion Retailer

Wouldn’t it be more convenient for your customers to have a clear sign when a dressing room is free? Senses Alarm & Light will turn red automatically when someone enters the dressing room, and it will switch to green when the room is empty again. As the customer enters the dressing room, the RFID tags on the clothes will be scanned automatically and the list of clothes they’re trying on will appear on the Smart Mirror’s surface inside the dressing room. If it turns out that one of the items is too small and your customer wants a bigger size, she can simply tap on the touchscreen instead of leaving the dressing room. Senses Alarm & Light will turn to yellow and start blinking. The shop assistant can check Senses Attrap Mirror, and bring the larger size right to the dressing room. As she’s trying on different clothes, she can see them in different lights, by choosing between different light settings on Senses Smart Mirror such as outside white, home white, office blue or nighttime dark.

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