In an ideal world, business owners would have the possibility, freedom and money to build a store, shop or office building from scratch, making it as suitable for their business as possible.

Unfortunately, in reality, we always seem to face difficulties and obstacles when we start or develop a business.

It might turn out that the ceiling is too high for a sensor, that devices can be reached by unwanted hands, or that the standard ugly design of devices would ruin the nice aesthetic and atmosphere of the store.

Senses Sensor Holder is a practical solution.

This console can easily attach onto any surface, no matter the height or the material. Then, with a single click, you can easily fit your Senses Environment Sensor via a magnet. The holder makes it easier to move the sensor, or reach the device to change batteries. With its different cover designs Senses Sensor Holder looks stunning, and perfectly fits the look of your store or office space.

About the Design

Technical Information

• Smooth design
• Small size
• Durable material
• Strong and safe magnet
• Compatible with Senses Environment Sensor


Expand your Senses to create the perfect smart ecosystem and beautifully intelligent interior for your business or home


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