Dension believes that for business owners, retail chains and even for individuals collecting useful data, saving time, and focusing on customers or family members is more important than ever.

It is impossible to be everywhere, all the time, so everyone could use some extra senses so they can know what’s going on when they’re not there, and better care for people – whether it’s a customer or a loved one.

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Thank you for meeting us in Las Vegas, Amsterdam and in Hong Kong! We had a really successful debut at North-America, Europe and Asia.

The Senses products are ALREADY AVAILABLE for your projects directly from Dension. Just contact us via for further details and pricing.

We are looking for an international distributor or brand owner partner who would be willing to and able to distribute our devices to the home market. Please contact our CEO directly with your business offer.


We believe that people’s needs and ideas generate the best solutions in life. We listen, watch and talk to people about their experiences and wishes − whether they are our business partners across the globe, or our neighbors in our hometown. The people we speak to are open to smart, connected and affordable solutions that will make life easier and better.


Whether you are at home with your family, run a small business, or manage a large enterprise, sometimes you need extra senses to know that everything is OK… Senses, which can guard, watch, and help when you need them most. In a business setting, you can use these senses to get to know your customers’ habits and thoughts so you can give them an even better service. At home, you can control your environment to achieve a higher quality of life. Get extra senses that work for you with our stylish, high-quality devices.


“Nowadays it’s rare for a company to create a product line from scratch. But Dension does just that by bringing Senses to life. It’s a valuable gift, for a design studio like Remion, to have industrial design, production, software engineering, sales and communication in the one capable hand.

This project has so many different elements from design considerations to technical factors that we decided to make the look of these products so unique that no competitor could even come close. The product range was designed based on the fundamentals of the golden ratio, and keeping a fine balance between symmetry and asymmetry. In harmony with this strong physical identity, we can continue to build the Senses smart ecosystem, giving homes and businesses stylish and reliable IoT devices.”

András OraveczChief Designer at Remion Design Studio

Our Company

Dension, the company behind Senses, is a European OEM product developer and manufacturer in the industry areas of consumer electronics, Bluetooth connectivity and integrated smart device solutions.

Our services cover the complete product lifecycle from concept development through to serial production. Our company is specialized in developing smart environment solutions whether it’s for consumer electronics or business networks. We utilize consumer/IT technologies like USB, Bluetooth, smart phone-specific protocols, WiFi, Ethernet, and touchscreen technology.

Our aim is to provide businesses and individuals with flexible and reliable service every time. To this end, we utilize high mix/low volume production techniques and smart environment quality standards that are supported by an integrated production control system.


Senses was established in 2017 to provide the smart business and smart home markets with a wide range of sensor, detection and control devices. Utilizing Dension’s 15+ years of professional experience in Bluetooth communication technologies, we deliver connected smart ecosystems that are made up of wireless devices and never-before-seen innovative solutions. We take care of both production and software engineering, so customers get a comprehensive and smart solution.

Krisztián Taivainen


Erika Homok


Krisztián Szántó

International Sales Manager

László Kovács

Head of OEM Division

Gábor Kalácska

Product Manager


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Expand your Senses to create the perfect smart ecosystem and beautifully intelligent interior for your business or home


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